Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2014

Unless you are regular on the red carpet, you probably don’t shop for your jewelry on Rodeo Drive. That’s fine, but you can still shop for some spectacular, colorful and amazing jewelry online. We think this is a perfect time to get some new pieces in your collection that suit your price range without your having to leave your couch. So relax and pour yourself some pinot noir and grab your MasterCard or Visa and get ready to purchase online. Therefore, before making your purchases we encourage you to educate yourself about the latest Pantone color trends for spring 2014 and how this relates to online fashion jewelry.

We will give you some idea of some of the colors to look forward to for jewelry in 2014 and enlighten you about the new colors for spring 2014.

Dazzling Blue
Violet Tulip

Color #1 “Dazzling Blue” with this navy color we will see some bold in the colors, and with this stunning shade you’re sure to be inspired.

Color #2 “Violet Tulip” part of the purple family, very flattering and noticeable with some romance.

Radiant Orchid
Celosia Orange

Color #3 “Radiant Orchid” in the shades of a darker purple, a color that Michelle Obama is a fan of as is Kate Middleton.

Color #4 “Celosia Orange” in which not too many are fans of, but the Sunkist shade is appealing to people due to the fact of its fruit association color.


Color #5 “Freesia” a beautiful yellow shade that gives positive images of spring.

Color #6 “Cayenne” color that has a little kick, and is exotic, can be worn as an accessory, to emphasize other colors.

Placid Blue

Color #7 “Placid Blue” known as the calming color, just like the blue sky. This color offers hopefulness every time we wake up in the morning and we look at the sky. We all hope to see that beautiful day.

Color #8 “Paloma” in reverence to Paloma Picasso this neutral color, this attractive soft grey color transmits encouragement and self-assurance.


Color #9 “Sand” the neutral color that adds warmth with its burnished beige influence.

Color #10 “Hemlock” is the astonishing and popular shade of green, the shade that we all love and can blend well with other colors.

The above colors are just a few of the colors for spring 2014. So whether you’re inspired by boldness, romance, or royalty, these colors apply to all, whether it’s for clothing or whether you are choosing online jewelry. These inspirational colors assist designers with their jewelry making ideas. These colors motivate them with creativity, design, and color that are appealing to the eye. Thus, they can please the many refined tastes and requirements of the customers. May it be in stores or online, jewelry will always be demanded for, for it motivates us in our everyday life with its beauty in color and sentiment.

When you think about online fashion jewelry, it can really be anything at all, whether it is diamonds, gemstones, or crystals. They are created into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants or rings, and they are all in an entire rainbow of colors. With so many different choices out there, ranging from the subtle to the solid or even immense, you are really in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the right options for your own extraordinary collection. We also have choice that comes from the many countries we are surrounded by. Each country carries its own jewelry creations, styles, and colors. Stop and think about it, you have an entire globe full of authentic styles and colors from which to choose. Therefore, with each season come the changes, the new colors, and the new jewelry trends. This means that if you have built up a diverse collection of online fashion jewelry, you can change from day to day, no matter what the occasion is.

How about those special parties coming up? Do you have any ideas what you’re looking for? Put these recommendations to work for you as you surf for accessories for your next soiree! Pamper yourself and search for those trendy colors that will inspire you, and once you find the jewelry pieces you adore, think about purchasing from online jewelry stores. Don’t forget to stock up with beautiful online jewelry that will get you through the next few seasons of parties and holidays. Let’s not forget the gift-giving for those special people in our life. This way we can brighten our days with color and also our friends. Hence, take out your favorite credit card and start shopping for that beautiful jewelry online. Enjoy yourself while shopping and be content because that’s really what you want online fashion jewelry to do for you.

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